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EVOLO - The Maturity Project

Our architectural design is about how to prepare one of the greatest breakthroughs in history, how we picture the design of a building that will give a start of a new epoch.
Here’s the Maturity project – a building connected with orbital site by the Space Elevator.
Tradition of sky-scrapers is transformed into ocean-scraper. Maturity project rises from the Ocean, in the equatorial part of it.
Humankind is on the threshold of its full age. But our readiness must be proved.
To enter the age of maturity we shall pass the main examination – overpass the interstellar space and to view other star systems.
The only path that humankind will choose is to build a generation ship – an Interstellar Ark Starship. The Ark would be so tremendous that there is no possible way to build it on the top of the ground. We must settle the building site in space, on the orbit of the Earth.